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Turd Ferguson
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Site Suggestion Box

Please leave suggestions for overall improvements here. All posts will be read and considered.

I Run Bartertown
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All Is Well

I suggest you keep doing what you do.

Mr. Fix
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I agree with I Run Bartertown,


TF Metals Report is easily one of the most informative websites that can be found.

Its contents is always current, and the analysis from various members although often contrary, is always insightful.

Considering all the disaster areas that you have to compete with, your website is truly a quantum leap above them in any measure of excellence.

The malcontents that are always complaining, will continue to do so, without offering much substantive alternative.

Therefore, it is my assumption that even a suggestion box will only be used by those that appreciate this site for what it is,

and after careful consideration, my only suggestion is

don't mess with the best website there is.

And once again, I am  profoundly grateful for what you do here.


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

Dyna mo hum
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I just can't restrain myself as usual.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mr. Fix
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@ Dyna mo hum

As a nearly lifelong fan of his, 1000 hat tips to you. 

It's perfect!


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

The man who sto...
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TOP 10 YEAH!!!


Nick Elway
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TFMR is my favorite site

Great site, thanks so much.  Please be slow to change anything.

I usually read Comments, newest first then scroll back in time. 

My first suggestion would be to have "ignore user" work when I'm reading this way.

My second suggestion would be to delete (or blank) the posts that have corrupted the site's navigation (they return "Requested Page Not Found") such as (at this moment):[value][year]=2013&date_filter[value][month]=2&date_filter[value][day]=8&title=[value][year]=2013&date_filter[value][month]=2&date_filter[value][day]=8&title=

Your site is the best, and will still be the best if you ignore these suggestions.


old tradesman
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Keep it as it is

Gold and silver markets revolve around information!   Information should be vetted not argued!  I've posted things to be vetted many a times,   And end up with a better understanding of it!   And I've also tried to make people laugh!   Making people laugh doesn't have much to do with g/s !  My belief is that if we do not discuss everything,  everything becomes nothing!   And for those that send people to this  site

dont give them your handle and let them figure out whos the (blankidy blank)  IT COULD BE YOU

Pining 4 the Fjords
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Site suggestion

This site is clearly going downhill.  When I used to log on, there were wonderful ads on the sidebar for Hot Russian Girls.  Now, it's just an ad for TRX.  I mean, I like Sinclair as much as the next guy, but damn. 

Fix this one glaring problem and the site will return to what it has always been- the most informative metals site in cyberspace. Keep doing what you're doing and have fun with it.

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Suggestions to make it easier to navigate.

When I want to go to the next page, I ALWAYS have to scroll to the bottom.  If page navigation buttons were on top as well as the bottom, that would help.

Also, after reading Turds commentary on page one, I always have to scroll past it on the following pages to get to the comments.  If there was a way to make Turds commentary static and only reload the next page of comments, that would speed things up.

I've said this before, instead of deleting moderated comments, move them to another forum - Turd's cesspool - to give everybody a chance to enjoy the stinkieness of the moderated comment.

Great site.

old tradesman
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Because Hang10-Hawaii did an excellant post

Zooming out for a minute...

Hat Tip!
I don’t post often, but visit Turdville daily to keep abreast of things. Recently, there has been some impassioned debate as to what constitutes acceptable fodder for main street discussions. Prepping, guns, conspiracy theories, etc. have all come under fire because they didn’t seem related to the metals, which form the core of our discussions here.
May I remind all y’all (a southernism) that Turd has graciously invited us here to “prepare for the end of the Keynesian experiment.”
My perspective is that Keynesianism is simply the preferred academic worldview used to justify the debasement of the USD and encompasses more than just a metals discussion. There have been many currency debasements before in history, with many lessons to be learned by studying the aftermath and outcomes. What’s unique about the current situation involving debasement of our currency (speaking of the USD) is:
· The USD is the global reserve currency, intimately linked to global trade
· Never before in history have global banking and FOREX systems been so tightly integrated
· Never before in history have so many people around the world been able to communicate in real time as the process unfolds (via the internet)
In my view, Turdville is an historic opportunity to share ideas, exchange worldviews, offer hypothesis, consider seemingly random facts/events and argue the merits of all of it. Remarkable if you think about it.
Any student of history, who’s looked at currency debasement (and potentially collapse) in the past can tell you that virtually all of them involved:
· Massive inflation
· Enormous public debts
· Hoarding
· Black markets
· Economic instability
· Uncertainty
And they can tell you that the powers –that-be would go to great lengths to maintain the status quo and their grip on power by:
· Control fraud perpetrated by the agencies and ministries in charge of maintaining a level playing field
· Stifling dissent, free speech and freedom of association
· Persecuting selected minority and opposition groups
· Suspending habeas corpus and due process
· Use of extra-judicial proceedings
· Eliminating both small and large numbers of people from the scene
In most cases, the end result was either revolution, or war…
You may not agree with me, but I think any discussion of the end of the Keynesian experiment would be unnecessarily narrow if it was limited only to the metals. If you tune in just for the metals-related discussion, that’s cool – all you need to do is skip over the posts related to other stuff. Think of the range of perspectives you get here beyond the metals:
· micro farming, complete with hilarious descriptions of welfare deer
· plans to back out of the mainstream and become physically fit (I enthusiastically recommend CrossFit, which I’ve been doing for 6 years with remarkable results)
· very insightful views of energy in our economy
· hilarious cartoons and Photoshop stuff
· etc.
My plan is to survey all of the stuff flying around on main street, give it serious consideration, and summarily ignore the things that aren’t relevant to my personal preparedness plan for the end of the Keynesian experiment. I’ve been here since the ZeroHedge days and have yet to put anyone on “ignore” – that doesn’t mean that I internalize everything I see here let it get me all worked up. My first priority is to enjoy my family and my children. Second priority is making certain that my family can weather the impending storm I believe is on the horizon. Part of that preparation includes evaluating the wide range of viewpoints I find here.
<rant / off>
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Happy Friday...

I just wanted to chime in that as one who mostly lurks, I really enjoy the different topics and points of view especially since I think many  fall under the "end of the Kenysian experiment" banner.  Great posts by Hang-10 and Dr Jerome.  I also have to say that as a long time reader, I actually think there is less profanity directed to other posters than in the earlier days and for me that makes the content easier to read!smiley

TF you do an awesome job.  I don't believe every conspiracy theory out there (although I have to say I that increases with time) but I like the opportunity to consider it and if I get too "gloomy," I step away from the computer or use that great scroll feature.  I do like most things posted on the main thread because I'm too lazy to go looking for stuff in the forums!

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Thanks Turd!

I couldn't agree more with many posters sentiments. I don't post much but have been a lurker from "watch tower" days. I've sent quite a few friends to the site and have only gotten positive feedback.

I like the freedom that posters have which is really a service to all. Obviously I don't agree with everything I read but, I like everybody else NEEDS to be challenged. The eclectic info shared on your site can save countless hours of sifting the web for relevant news. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ignore or scroll pass content we want to ignore and not letting the whiners dictate what is suitable for everybody.

Thanks again for the Great site and all your hard work!!

Stack'em High
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It's your site!

I can appreciate your struggles with the censorship issues. But again, it's your site, if someone doesn't like how you decide to run it... well, they can go start their own site instead of trying to molest your views.

thanks Turd! 

UK Silverstackers
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Page numbers at top also please

+1 to Mudsharks for same idea

Keep Stackin'


NEVER LEAVE FUNDS IN A BANK!! its their lifeblood.

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Poor choice...

...of words on my part in my post yesterday.  I was wrong in that assessment and that part of it didn't need to be said and it's inaccurate given the popularity of TF and the site.

"It's wrecking the site imho..."

Things evolve and never remain the same and to the extent the sometimes overwhelming negative stuff is talked about repeatedly by the same people turns me off as it does not induce me to join in and participate at those times. Having said that, I'm only one person of many now on this site and  my comfort zone and contributions aren't that  important overall to the the site and to the overall tenor. The vibe I want to remain or wish was still in place from the beginning is selfishly impossible and naive to cling to.

I have no site suggestions as it's doing fine on it's own and that's he way it should be and will be. My comments yesterday regarding the negative enthusiasm that has become more dominant (albeit more polite) on the site are my observations alone and were not meant to lecture TF or demean the site overall.  In recognizing that the site has evolved it might simply be that I need to move over and let the majority rule in whatever way the majority needs to express their concerns/anxieties on here.

Those concerns are a reflection of our times and some of our places within it. That's something I need to accept but not necessarily participate in when those negative bugles are blowing.

My apologies TF if what I said sounded like a criticism of you, it wasn't. In the end, and in retrospect, it was more of a public admission or acknowledgement by myself regarding what once was on here that has somewhat changed. I'll get over that part of it.

Live and learn.

H/T to P4 for keeping it (and myself) real about this. Perspective.


An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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My (minority) view

I've been here since Watchtower days. I sent Turd (unsolicited) my views several months ago about what I thought was appropriate for Main Street. The fact that I didn't receive a reply & that things didn't change spoke volumes to me. There's a vociferous minority here that believes that "anything goes", whereas I've always felt that a site that purports to be a serious educational asset on Precious Metals should maintain its credibility by avoiding garbage like irrelevant pictures, music videos, cartoons, conspiracy theories and the such like.

It is what it is, so I'll take my leave. In parting, I'll make one prediction - for those who think we'll see a breakout in the PMs in February..........wellllllllll, I have my doubts. devil

P.S. No worries, I won't let the door whack my ass on the way out!

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A few suggestions

First, as has been pointed out...  put page counter at the top of the page so we don't have to scroll to the bottom to move to the next page of comments. 

Second,  can we get a feature to highlight posters of our choosing?   I like how Turd's posts are in yellow, they're very easy to pick out.  But it would be nice to be able to highlight (or follow) certain users so I can see their posts stick out a bit more than all the rest as well.  

Third, I don't know if this would work but when you click Ignore User, it reloads the page and takes you back to page 1 of the comments.  It would be nice if I see a troll on page 8 and click IU, it just happens without reloading the page or changing where I'm at in the comments. 

Fourth, is it possible to have a link in a post when someone replies to a previous post so we can use the link to find the post being replied to?   I see people reply to someone and then I have to sift thru 2 to 4 pages of comments to find out what the original post said.  I see the links on Turd's posts when he replies .. but I don't know if that's a feature everyone could have or not.

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Secure web session

Turd, first of all thank you for everything you do.

I want to suggest that you use SSL on your web site (https) to protect the transmission of username/password and other sensitive information. Right now everything is being transmitted in clear text. There are a number of Certificate Authorities you can use to establish SSL sessions. A Google search on "certificate authority" will get you the info on how to accomplish this.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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How about the occasional poll?

I love the hat contests -- it's what got me to register after having just lurked for several months.

I think an occasional poll would be fun.

i.e. What percent of your stack is silver?  or  Are you mainly a trader or stacker?  or What year did you first start buying precious metals? or an opinion question about some current piece of news.

I also like all of tjeffson's suggestions.

Turd, thanks for caring enough about this community to ask what we might like!

Nick Elway
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Site images

Dear Turd/Admin

I used the "Browse Server" feature in 2011.  I quit because I see the space is limited to 5 megabytes and I could find no way for me to delete anything.  All of the images in my space are from 2011.  I would be happy with the 5 megabyte limit if I could delete stuff or if it was automatically deleted after a year, or if the oldest image was deleted when the new image would exceed the limit.    The current human interface would make it tough on the non-geeks, but ease-of-use can be improved later. (Is there some way for me to delete files that I couldn't find?)

If you are worried about last year's images not being available then some sort of archive ala The Internet Archive's "Wayback" machine would be enough.

Thanks for all you do..

P.S Maybe subscribers could get more megabytes  in the site server?

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