On Drones over the USA

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On Drones over the USA

For the past few days, we've been seeing increasing stories about the operation of drones over US territory.

I've located a few interesting reports for the citizens of t'ville.

The first is a map of drone bases that people have laid over the map of the USA. I can not vouch for the accuracy of the map or the reports in the article, but I do find the map intriguing.


The second is from a less ambiguous source. FAS is a well known scientifically centered organization. They apparently got a copy of a DOD report on basing of drones in the USA. https://www.fas.org/irp/program/collect/uas-future.pdf

I highly encourage T'ville residents to read this report.

This basing report from FAS coupled with the report published by MSNBC yesterday makes me VERY CONCERNED about the direction the federal policies are taking!

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Anectodal account of proliferation

Repost from Speakeasy:

Black helicopters part II

I dunno if anyone remembers, but a few months back I was puzzled/mildly alarmed by this happening in my neighborhood:

"The odd thing I wanted to mention happened a few nights ago. A hovering, helicopter-like sound roused me from bed as I was falling asleep, and kept going for at least 5-6 minutes. From the window, all I could see was the dark outline and green running lights of something flying above my (quiet, suburban) street -- perhaps 3-4 times the height of street lights, hovering in a slow-moving, 3-4 house-diameter circle before flying off. Size? Hard to tell in the dark, at that distance. My perception was also probably colored by my preconception, but it seemed something about the size of a moped, but flatter and more capsule-like, with what I imagined were double rotors on top. Hobby RC aircraft? Something more serious, though clearly still terrestrial in origin? I have no idea and no real way to check, but I could not help not remembering a Turdite's post about the fact that non-civilian hardware is plenty capable of imaging through house walls as I stood there at the window. The question, of course, would be why anything serious would bother to fly this way."

Well, deja vu? Vindication that I was not simply imagining things? Confirmation that we ARE indeed sliding/marching down a slippery slope:

It seems that, compliments of my friendly neighborhood SPD & County Sheriff's Dept., I never have to worry about being alone for too long now... I guess I got a sneak preview before the public hearing on the matter (which apparently was disrupted by malcontents). I love their 'vigilant efforts' line:

"According to the guidelines, police say, they will not use the drones to "conduct random surveillance activities" and will make vigilant efforts to protect citizen privacy by, for example, having cameras facing away from occupied structures."

It's right up there with 'now this won't hurt a bit...' and 'this is only temporary'. At least it appears that the RC-army will take a while to be developed -- but I am guessing this is only a matter of time. Federal grants will flow in abundance, and local/state governments would be foolish not to scoop up free money for such useful equipment...

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Follow-up: popular dissent is NOT pointless

Seattle mayor scuttles police plans to use drones

"Seattle's mayor on Thursday ordered the police department to abandon its plan to use drones after residents and privacy advocates protested.

Mayor Mike McGinn said the department will not use two small drones it obtained through a federal grant. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be returned to the vendor, he said. [...]

The program drew strong criticism from residents Wednesday at a meeting of the City Council, which was considering an ordinance giving police the authority to use drones."

Well, whaddya know...

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Just Wait

Until the techies start having contest of bringing them down......

And buy a fly-swatter for the flybots......

Fly-swatter $2

Flybot drone, Thousands, tens of thousands and more

Swatting down a flybot with a $2 fly-swatter: Priceless

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RE: Drone Jammer

BlackHawk, in principle I agree with the objective. However, setting up a jammer for the C band is going to make you a beacon for any antijammer missiles that fly down the strobe or any DF (direction finder) triangulation systems.

I'm thinking drones are going to be the least of our worries as an EMP will take out the grid and most all electronics.


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Michelle: Drones domesticly will only

Be Used In Our Fight Against Obesity’

The Obama Administration reversed course on its use of spy drones on US citizens, saying armed drones will only be used against fat citizens who overeat the wrong foods and will not be targeted against skinny people, or specially marked ‘plump’ Democrats.

In an MSNBC poll, 78% of liberal respondents approved of executing overweight Americans without trial by using drones which can hit a human target with a Hellfire missle from up to 10 miles away. Noted liberal and self-proclaimed San Francisco Libtard Craig ‘Skippy’ Thomas had this to say about fat people, ” Screw ‘em if they can’t take a joke!”

Citing the public medical costs of treating weight related diseases, Michelle Obama underscored the use of drones as a way to mandate a healthier America.

In a recent New Yorker magazine article the First Lady mentioned,
“We can now spot a fat person chugging a 20 ounce soda, or eating a triple cheeseburger from five miles away! Besides that, fat people are really easier to spot.”

Recent exercises at Camp Pendleton, California raised eyebrows when Marine Corp practice drones swooped down and blasted 14 800lb Walruses from a secluded beach with 3 Hellfire missles. According to Marine Colonel Rex Applegate, “The Walrus elimination program now puts Federal over-eating enforcement within the scope of our drone capabilities.”

Jay Carney, the official spokesman for the Administration, said there were certain safeguards being reviewed including specially marked tee shirts for campaign donors like Michael Moore, Chaz Bono, and Rosie O’Donnell who could be mistaken as a target from an overhead drone preparing to strike. “We’ll mark the tee shirts with the official Obama Campaign seal that can be distinguised using infrared optical lenses.”

Fat people aren’t taking this laying down and have decided to fight back! Recently, in suburban Dallas, Texas a fat citizen placed a realistic-looking cardboard cutout of Oprah leaning against an expensive sports car belonging to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…Within a few hours both the car and cardboard cutout were destroyed by a drone strike from a anti-fat drone circling over the Gulf of Mexico. Wasserman-Schultz was unavailable for comment.

Hi Fiattack! The FED is a benevolent non-profit organization with the interests of the American People placed ahead of its own!
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A shotgun would take care of

A shotgun would take care of that thing , then all you have to do is hide it well.