Walmart ammo?

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Walmart ammo?

Wow this needs confirmation...

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That would be nice

Yet I don't think it holds water except maybe on the 223 ammo.......I never buy much of anything from is an emergency store only.

If Wally made a policy of shutting down their sporting goods, that would be a boom for the local guys, so IMO, I hope it happens cuz wally world is nothing but a drain on the's filled with china trinkets, bought by people who don't need them and can least afford them........take away the Snap cards and wallyworld looses 35-40% of it's patrons and it's bottom line gets crushed which causes China a very bad headache.

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The the shelves are now empty.
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I just came back from Walmart,


I wanted to check the accuracy of the story that I posted earlier pertaining to the empty ammunition shelves at Walmart.

It is true. They are almost completely sold out, almost everything that I could use is gone,

just found some birdshot left on the shelf, and I took it.

The shelves are empty, and it looks like it's going to stay that way.


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Suppose Wal-Mart doesn't want

Suppose Wal-Mart doesn't want to be stuck with a pile of ammo in the warehouse and at store level that can't be sold should a bill be passed restricting same.   Smart business sense. 


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