.22 AMMO none to be had here!

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#1 Thu, Jan 10, 2013 - 7:47pm
Dyna mo hum
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.22 AMMO none to be had here!

I ran into an old acquaintance today at walmart and he said that he was looking for .22 cal rimfire and could not find one box to be had in the whole county 0 none. He told me he never dreamed of seeing any thing like the situation we have found ourselves in. As we parted I told him he might need to consider laying in a little extra food just in case. He looked startled and asked why. With that I told him that panic buying could become a fad with food also at some point. Sheep like him are destined to learn the hard way. He was driving a $40,000 pickup and he can't buy a box of .22s. Last thing I said to him was "dammit boy"!

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