Where is the silver coming from?

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Where is the silver coming from?

I was talking with my brother and we cant figure out where all the silver is coming from. Looking at historical date https://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_05/zurbuchen011506.html

we have a total silver historical production to date of 48 billion once dating from 3000 B.C. until now. I added the 42.6 billion plus the last 2005-12 total to get 48.2. So if my guess is correct I would have to say that there can not be any more than 15 billion for investment ( high estimate but lets overlook for this)

If there is a world population of 7b people then the following %ages would remove all from market.

1% of world population 70m people /20b is 215 per person

0.50 of 1% 430 per person (35m people)

0.25 of 1 % 860 per person (17.5m people)

0.10 of 1% 2150 per person (7m people)

I don't see why 1/10 of 1% is not already in the market world wide and given that some have more than others is 2,150 oz or $65k avg. that much since you have people out there worth a few mil.

Any help is appreciated as I don't know if most silver stackers are just people with 100-500 oz. (No need to state what you hold as I wont either but just what you hear or see)

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Just shows you

How much capital it would take to move the market. I think that most people have between 100-500 ounces as you say. We are living in a time where it is extremely difficult to pay bills and support a family, let alone, invest in anything.

The average American makes 25k or less a year. I think there are people on this site looking to strike it rich and escape average and then there are those looking to maintain their above average status. I'm sure there are plenty with less than 100 oz.

All walks of earth with a common interest

If I had not lost all of my silver I know I would fit into your suggested accumulation bracket.