Help a Turdite Defeat Senator Lindsey Graham!

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Help a Turdite Defeat Senator Lindsey Graham!

I hope you're all doing well! You may remember me as the guy who created the "Economic Armageddon and You" video last year.

I'm pleased to announce that there are now Turdites working hard to unseat South Carolina's Senator Lindsey "When they ask for a lawyer, you tell them to shut up!" Graham.

Senator Graham has been on the wrong side of every police-state-building and money-destroying legislation passed by Washington in the last decade, and my friend, Keith Blandford - a Navy veteran, business owner, and staunch sound-money libertarian - is trying to build up grassroots support for a primary challenge. Since we've been alternately ignored and threatened by the local GOP, it would be a huge help if Turdites worldwide would "like" our Facebook page - - and follow our Twitter feed - - to help jumpstart the campaign's presence.

Our local paper did a great story on Blandford, which you can read here:

Blandford's position on the issues can be seen here:

I've known Keith for almost a decade, and worked on his congressional campaigns, when he ran on the Libertarian ticket. Those were great statements of dissatisfaction with the status quo, but ultimately futile efforts. We're done with that. We are in this to get Lindsey Graham out of the Senate, and to be another voice against tyranny.

Since this is the "metals report" forum, I'd like to mention that Ketih is a strong proponent of stacking physical metal, and has publicly stated on numerous occasions that he keeps his savings in silver, because he believes in sound money, and lives what he believes.

Keith is not a politician - he is a successful business owner. He is not looking for a career in politics, he is looking to go to Washington to fight for the freedom to live his life and run his business as he sees fit.

PLEASE help us out on Facebook and Twitter ... We need a critical mass of visible support on social media to get the ball rolling, and Turdites could make the difference.

Thank you!

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