Portable Solar battery/inverter combo

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Portable Solar battery/inverter combo

Any comments on this setup? 

During a long power outage, this baby could keep my electronics and lighting going for most of an evening, and I could charge it using my generator at night.


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You can

Do it yourself....for much much less.

Small 60 watt solar panel kit with charge controller............$300

Deep cycle Marine battery (80 Amp Hours +)......................$100

2000 watt inverter (12v to 120v)............................................$189

So for $589 you can have the same thing, but also have to knowledge necessary to expand it or make more. For another $50 you can put it on a push cart or a child's wagon.

If you want to send me $1000.00 I will send you a kit with "destructions"........Just kidding. You can do this, don't sell yourself short.


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Definitely build it yourself.

This is most definitely a situation where you can save a lot of money by purchasing the components individually.

You can also build a much better system.

I also agree that the experience gained in assembling your own system will be of tremendous value if you ever wish to enlarge it.

Inverters and batteries can be purchased at Walmart,
the panels can be purchased online from China.

It also helps to have the individual components in a form that can be separated,
so that you have many more options as to their use.

For example, the inverter can just be hooked to your car,
you may even want to just put a solar panel on the roof to keep it charged.

You also have the choice of making it either temporary or permanent.

You can also use alternative energy sources such as windmills, hydroelectric,
or if you wish, more exotic forms of energy production.

There are a lot of ways to run a gasoline generator that do not include gasoline.

I am currently experimenting using a wood burning stove to run a gasoline generator,
the fumes off a wood burning stove keep the engine running quite well.

Unfortunately, it tends to stall when you open it up to add another log.

For my next experiment, I'm going to try two stoves, and alternate the refueling.

Fortunately, where I live I have a lifetime supply of firewood.

It always helps to use the resources that are available to you.


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the teacher will appear."

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