The New Normal:

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The New Normal:

The New Normal:

Let the good times roll!!!

9-11 = Inside job.

Chem trails = real...the insurance companies do it all the time to prevent hail here...and I'm sure there is a lot more to it than that.

Matt Simmons = SHut down cause he would not shut up....and for telling the truth.

Obammer = He gets to run the country with less of a background check than is needed for a driver's license.....

Silver and Gold...yah riiiiiggghhhht....

Petreaus(sic)......How fricking predictable is that!!

Benghazi = sickening

Syria = repulsive

Fukushima = where's that?

The Gulf of Mexico? = just a little ole accident..all good now...not!

The Lousiana sink hole....Gonna wake A LOT of people up I'm thinkin...

Sandy....just defied all the storm history known...

HAARP: Way above my paygrade..who yuh gonna ask for the truth?

GMO = Barf

German Gold = Laugh out loud!

Greece etc....good luck...seriously.

Nah, there is are no as usual.....NORMAL!

or is it normalcy bias?

(Sorry Turd...I couldn't help myself..delete if you must)

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You had me laughing my head off when I read that for the first time on the Jim Willie thread. Nice job!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."