Hurricane/Winter Storm Sandy

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Turd Ferguson
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Hurricane/Winter Storm Sandy

Like Isaac, I thought it best to begin a forum where we can discuss the latest updates as well as share preparation and emergency plans. Everyone from Virginia to Massachusetts should prepare now for a potentially historic event.

I'll begin by adding this link I found earlier today. Though it was written on Thursday, I think the information contained herein is valuable, particularly the discussion of central barometric pressure, which could be the lowest ever recorded in the American Northeast.

Good luck everyone. Prepare now and be safe!

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I might be on the west coast

but i am getting prepared.  Prayer mostly.  I pray for safety and protection to all you over on the east coast.

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I'm near DC

Got my 12 gallons of water and freezing several blocks of ice for coolers!  Got my BBQ chicken/steak and gonna make a load of pasta salad.  That's more than we had when we lost power for a week and we were all good then.

I was planning a trip to the West Coast, but gonna hang out with my GF instead - wait out the storm and then go.

Also, since I was in the neighborhood, I went to my silver guy.  He's only open Fri and Sat. and he's located in this little hole-in-the-wall - he was packed today at opening - 12 people in there!

El Gordo
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don't forget your ammo

If you are prepping for the Hurricane, don't forget your ammo and shotguns.  They can prove helpful when a wolf shows up at the door.

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Weekend entertainment

pink freud
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put your clothes and

put your clothes and stuff(paperwork,ammo,batteries,food) in those vaccum bags

if you get flooded at least you will look good

also, a candle in your car will bring up the temp by 10*F

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Could be exciting! Anyone want an adrenaline rush?

Found a cheap flight to Boston. Sure beats watching silver!;f=SAN;t=BOS;d=2012-10-28;r=2012-11-04;sel=UA810-UA250,US1801-US198;q=san+diego+to+boston

Mr. Fix
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This is heading strait at me.

Getting ready now.

I'll keep in touch.

At least there will be lots of things to fix!


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Lady Gaugau
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$5 Billion in Damage Expected

That kind of dough flowing back in should stimulate the local economy a bit.


Lady GauGau

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Revenue (tax) and

Revenue (tax) and Expeditures, US Gov 
Note how the projected revenue is "projected" to rocket up faster than ever, yeah right. 
That would require that we form a parabola.  
So there appears to be 3 choices,  
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We do grow revenue like the parabola shown......  
Parabolas don't end well, ya know.... 
1) Ain't gonna happen 
2) This will suck 
3) This will suck dabama.html


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this is setting up for a wicked halloween

that biAtch has wound herself into quite a punch . it is going to get wet folks.

while living in sFL we boarded up for francis and a few days w/o power became all about ice and cold water 

ICE was key. someone asks what you stack. i tell them coleman quarts.

floor to ceiling. 

good luck and stay safe east coast mates


no better time than now

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weather modification, HAARP, chemtrails, it's all here

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I think it's possible...

...that a strong storm like this hurricane could take parts of the internet down if the infrastructure damage from it is severe enough in the next 3-5 days.

Hopefully we don't experience a 100 year storm this weekend and get a taste of life without the internet or electricity for an extended period. Good luck to all.


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History Channel: Hypercane

Picture the most powerful and destructive megastorm ever to hit this planet. A super hurricane that reaches 20 miles high with wind approaching 700 mph. Was it responsible for wiping out 75 percent of all living things on Earth some 65 million years ago? Could one of these storms been a contributing factor to the extinction of the dinosaurs? Could planet Earth possibly face a hypercane in our time today? See what leading scientists and experts have to say about the devastating disasters we could possibly be faced with in our time.


An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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I live in Northern Virginia,

I live in Northern Virginia, right outside of DC.  The path projections and wind/rainfall estimates look pretty serious.

Stopped on the way home from work and picked up some water.  Will go out in the morning and top off the preps.

I really like storms (my wife hates them).  Not looking forward to the damage and potential loss of life - but, I am looking forward to experiencing first hand what could be the storm of the century.

My experience in the silver market has prepared me for this...


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I'm in Norfolk Va, pretty close to the coast and like you I like the storms: don't want to be without power thou. Pretty sure that we're OK, north of you might be heavy. Best.

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Prize Fighter
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As a resident of FL, start

As a resident of FL, start looking to clean your bathtub or at least line it with plastic.  If water/sewer lines are compromised from surge, you'll want to have a lot of water.  Water will drain overnight even with a stopper.  Start experimenting with plastic wrap over the stopper or just line the whole tub with a plastic sheet.  New and cleaned trash can would work well in a standup shower. 

Whether or not you have other drinking water stored, having water stored in your tub can make the difference between having enough to flush your toilet or not.  It would be awful to have to get out in all the storm mess because you had everything but toilet water.  And if you don't have water where exactly would you go?  If you don't have water, it's pretty bad out there anyway.  Just thinking out loud for NE coasters as well as myself.

Good luck guys.

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A Wynter storm would have been more fun...

I asked for a Wynter storm, not a winter storm!

This does not help at all ;-(


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