Worried about order tracking?

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Worried about order tracking?

With the recent rhetoric out there regarding the potential confiscating of precious metals, are any of you worried about order tracking and doing anything about it?

I know the answer is to pay cash at your LCS, but I was ignorant to that idea when I first came in to stacking.  I made all my orders online at a large dealer.  I can log in to my account and see every one of my past orders.  This got me thinking that the government could certainly do the same thing.


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Recent rhetoric from who?  I must have missed it... link?

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Don't be too paranoid Shnoz.  They're not coming.

not for awhile anyway.

Cash isn't so great either that attracts attention now.

stay small fly beneath the radar.  If you're still paranoid get It out of dodge. Au anyway.

Chill be glad you got it

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