CAD cash or bank account?

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CAD cash or bank account?

Just a quick poll here.  Am headed to Canada soon and was considering opening a non-interest bearing bank account in CADs.

Best to do that, or just pick up some CADs and bring them back with me for the bottom of the lake with the phyzz?

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Check the rules.  It may not

Check the rules.  It may not be possible for you to open a bank account on Canadian soil.

If you can do it then it depends on whether you like your money in electronic form where it can be converted to other currencies easily and withdrawn in other countries easily or whether you distrust all that.

Canadian banks are as "safe" or safer than US banks.


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What is not well know about

What is not well known about Canadian banks is that got a massive bail out during the economic crises of 2008:

This is not from an "underground" source - it is straight from the CBC.

The government was good at keeping this all quiet - and now we Canucks would think our banking sector is superior to everyone elses.  I think we (Canadians) are in for a rude shock in the next few months.

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