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11/9/12 Contest

Hi Turdites,

With regards to:

""The Hat Contest. Let's have three this time. Since 11/11/12 is a Sunday, let's go with the 11/9/12 closing prices of the Dec12 silver, the Dec12 gold and the Dec12 crude.

There will likely be three, separate winners but, if anyone can catch lightning in a bottle and predict all three, I'll fish a silver eagle out of the pond out back and pass it along, too. I'll clearly need some help with this so I'll need a volunteer to compile all the guesses on a spreadsheet. (This kind person gets a hat, too.)

So, have at it. Let's use the comments of this thread for the guesses. I'll close the thread tomorrow morning when I post the next update.""

I'll post the list of all predictions once thew contest closes, and we figure out how to address all the multitude of duplicate predictions.

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