Best place to sell?

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#1 Fri, Oct 5, 2012 - 7:57pm
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Best place to sell?

I know, bad topic, but I did a little "conversion" earlier this year, basically bought some gold and silver Eagles with the intention of selling some CGM's and a 100-oz silver bar in their place. Fortunately, I had enough cash on hand at the time to afford myself the luxury of waiting until prices rebounded to a higher level before selling.

Well, my luxury time is running out and I'm going to need my funds back soon (property taxes and the like).

Other than the BullionDirect Nucleo exhange, where do y'all go when you need to sell metals? I'm really not thrilled at the idea of ebay, and the the Nucleo exchange new storage policy (21-day limit on free storage) is leaving a bad taste in my mouth*.

Are there other similar options? Maybe even better ones?

* to explain: I pre-paid them last April for the shipping for a specific number of gold maples and the 100-oz bar, which was reasonable given their free storage. Now, however, if I ship to them, I have to sell everything I ship within 21 days or pay to have them delivered back to me. Given the volatility of the markets, I'm not sure I want to take that risk.

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Sat, Oct 6, 2012 - 4:08am
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is where you get rid of it if this was my stash. and if you did get them sub 1600 and you need the casn soon, sell some. take your profit and run. hope you can keep some. 200 stones a oz is solid, your 100oz should get you WAY more in fiat than you traded possibly?? anyhow one CGM or the 100 oz bar one at a time. daily you sell over 10k you could get the feds after you at least in the good ol. but you may be from elsewhere eh, if that is the case i can't help you.

provident pays well, so does liberty for national bullion dealers. i sell local unless well unless i dont.

my own opinion is GOLD and SILVER have no home. Gov't should not be able to tax money as a hedge against their fiat. i don't run a country yet so, good luck with that.

no better time than now
Sat, Oct 6, 2012 - 4:26pm benny_bomb_boom
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I'll pay my taxes

While I agree that Gold and Silver should be legal tender and not taxable on the face of it, I will not invite the man into my life by trying to circumvent the law in any way. My gains won't be huge, but they were never meant to be, this was a conversion for me, basically trading CGM's for AGE's and trading a 100-oz bar for 100 ASE's. It's certainly not my entire stack ;-)

In terms of dollars I'll come out ahead, but only just, so the taxes will be minimal in any case.

I guess I can walk into an LCS and ask what they would pay me for them, but my impression is that I'd be better off selling through Nucleo, even if I had to pay new shipping charges to avoid selling them all at one time. The sell prices I've seen at the local shops is almost always outrageous and it's cheaper to buy online. I assume their buy prices are just as insane.

Tue, Oct 16, 2012 - 8:46pm pourty
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Lcs buy/sell


heres a link for a coin dealer buy sell prices. It's a good guide most national dealers will be competitive but better if you can find a lcs that is also. Ask on main street for your area.

i am sure you will get some names

not recommending these guys one way or another but they post their prices online and are pretty competitive

good luck