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Best place to sell?

I know, bad topic, but I did a little "conversion" earlier this year, basically bought some gold and silver Eagles with the intention of selling some CGM's and a 100-oz silver bar in their place. Fortunately, I had enough cash on hand at the time to afford myself the luxury of waiting until prices rebounded to a higher level before selling.

Well, my luxury time is running out and I'm going to need my funds back soon (property taxes and the like).

Other than the BullionDirect Nucleo exhange, where do y'all go when you need to sell metals? I'm really not thrilled at the idea of ebay, and the the Nucleo exchange new storage policy (21-day limit on free storage) is leaving a bad taste in my mouth*.

Are there other similar options? Maybe even better ones?

* to explain: I pre-paid them last April for the shipping for a specific number of gold maples and the 100-oz bar, which was reasonable given their free storage. Now, however, if I ship to them, I have to sell everything I ship within 21 days or pay to have them delivered back to me. Given the volatility of the markets, I'm not sure I want to take that risk.

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