100$ to spend at Lowes

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I Got Worms
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100$ to spend at Lowes

I have a 100$ gift card to Lowes - what are some prepper/bug out bag items you would buy at a hardware store with a hundsky?

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I just did

a Lowe's run last weekend.  I bought $15 dollars worth cinder blocks, $15 dollars worth of compost/horse manure/mulch and made a little 5x3 raised garden bed.  I bought my seeds from http://rareseeds.com/.  I'm a total noob gardener...never planted anything in my life...besides a watermelon plant which rabbits ate the crap out of in a week, but I feel this garden will be a learning lesson if nothing else.

Patriot Family
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1.  A good quality lantern

1.  A good quality lantern and flashlight along with rechargeable batteries.

2.  High quality gardening supplies

3.  Hand tools


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How about a generator?

How about a generator?

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What to buy....

I take great pride in having some of the most expensive and elaborate power tools known to man. Most of them are either gas, electric, or battery-powered.

I have recently taken the time to find the equivalent in a non-powered version,

Some are tools that I have never owned before.
I bought an ax, and a hatchet, and old-fashioned hacksaw, and pretty much everything I would need to cut and fashioned metal and wood by hand.

A small solar powered battery charger, at the very minimum is also a good investment.

Lots of rope, tape, plastic, tarps, glue, screws, nuts and bolts, will give you the ability to turn just about anything into just about anything else.

Works for me.


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