'An Inconvenient Tooth' - A Documentary about Fluoride

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'An Inconvenient Tooth' - A Documentary about Fluoride

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Thanks Bluesman for posting

Thanks Bluesman for posting the video,

The reason I don't like fluoride is because it calcifies your Pineal Gland



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The Case Against Flouride

Great book.  Lots of research.  Overly technical, but gives you all the data.  Little benefit to fluoride in water, a lot of negatives.  I am running my own test though.  Only purified water, very minimal tap water (child probably gets it at school, food, etc) but since birth, trying to keep my child away from drinking the stuff.  I'm sure this is biased, but a lot of other people I know agree, my child is smarter than other kids the same age.  Very difficult to prove "smarter" or anything really, and it's all subjective.  But, my child seems smart and I like to attribute it to no fluoride.  But who really knows.  Just my family and friends' opinions.  But I'd say it not very expensive to have an RO system / gallon.  I had a cheap system for under the sink.  Maybe $160 up front cost, and $100/yr in replacement filters.  Worth it in my opinion, and the water actually tastes good, and you actually feel refreshed when drinking it.  Win-win.

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I received a notice in the

I received a notice in the mail that my home town in Pennsylvania will be removing flouride from the water supply as of September 1, 2012.

The move was carried out by the EPA.  I have to say I really relieved when I heard this.  There's just no need for it in public water.  Flouride is destructive.


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