United States Quarters- silver edition

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United States Quarters- silver edition

I was thinking of purchasing a set of the silver quarters that are like the state quarters each state has created. A loved one collected one quarter from each of the states and I thought they would be thrilled if I gave them an entire set but in silver. Do these sets cost much more than spot? Are they tough to find?

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State Quarters in Silver

I'm sorry no one's bothered to help answer your questions. The state coins in silver are sold in 5 coin proof sets in the order of acceptance into the union. They generally run in the mid forties or 8 bucks plus a coin, so they are a good bit over spot.  One can also find them on ebay as single coins from time to time.

I'm a completely addicted numismatist and have a fair amount of the coins. They're intended to be passed on to my son and grandson rather than held as bullion, but they are silver, so life is good.

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