Three months Maguire Trading results - pic

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Three months Maguire Trading results - pic

Long time reader here but not much a of a poster.

Not much experience in the manic world of gold/silver trading until this past June but have dabbled in grains and petro

futures (natgas, crude, brent) over the past 15 or so years when there's been easy money to be made. Seeing the one commodity

set that makes crude oil look tame has always scared me away but i dipped my toe in on his and here are the results.

Three months trading the Andrew Maguire trade mon-fri since early June less two days for dentist and beach (not at the same


Broker's commission has been subtracted.

June (Trading 1 contract GC)
Note - Placed incorrect stop on one late day trade. Lost 4 previous days' profits.  Big mistake that will not happen again.

July (Trading 2 contracts GC)
Note - Made some optimizations to get better/faster executions. This month i set up a seperate monitor that keeps the

metalstrades window open at all times next to my trading screen. Two market order fields are open on trading screen, one to

buy and one to sell so upon hearing Andy's beep i merely glance at his screen to see if it's a buy or a sell then click

once on the trading screen to execute the trade. Then set stop immediately.

August (Trading 2 contracts GC)

Sept 1 - Sept 11 (Trading 2 contracts GC)

I'll continue updating this in the future and post any further optimizations i'm testing.

Silver Philharmonics purchased with some of the proceeds  yesterday.. Will post some other goodies i picked up today in a few minutes.

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i'm so jealous!

for somebody that has traded options - is it suicide to try and do this with futures? I really don't know anything about futures except everybody says you can lose your house if youre not careful.  i'm cash heavy now and could afford to get in. . .


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Those are some impressive

Those are some impressive returns. I've never traded futures, can you describe the process you go through? Do you need to be at your computer every minute waiting for Andy's que?

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JohnH, If you haven't traded


If you haven't traded futures this probably isn't the place to start. Just an incorrect stop placement can wipe out a week's profits...or worse.


Yeah it's a full time thing but i am working here all day as it is, eating lunch at desk most days as well. So for me there isn't much of a change.

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