Texans Only - Energy Company - stacking $50 referrals

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#1 Tue, Sep 11, 2012 - 1:34am
Dallas, TX
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Texans Only - Energy Company - stacking $50 referrals

Howdy Fellow Texan Turdites,

I signed up with this Texas based company for a decent rate, Bounce Energy, and with a little web magic and blog effort, I signed up 10 referrals in a month - 2 -3 hours work really = $500 bucks. Free electricity for quite a while for me now! The sell is people who sign up also get $50 after 3 payments. Not a bad company in price and sharing a way for fellow Turdites in Texas that are web savvy. 

Use code 1317289 and get $50 off your Power Bill with Bounce Energy


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