Where Ron Paul's Idea's Come From

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Where Ron Paul's Idea's Come From

I came across an audio book of Murray Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty.

It's laid out backwards, i.e., you have to go to page 4 to get the first clip, and it is very long. But the woman who reads it does a fine job and it is an absolutely brilliant exposition of history from a radical libertarian--dare I say anarchist--perspective. But Rothbard wasn't just a ranter. He was a master historian and his prose is very lucid.

I'm about halfway through it so far, but my brain is already bigger.

Preface through Chapter 5 https://mises.org/media/categories/117/Conceived-in-Liberty-Volume-I/4 Chapter 6 through 25 https://mises.org/media/categories/117/Conceived-in-Liberty-Volume-I/3 Chapter 26 through 45 https://mises.org/media/categories/117/Conceived-in-Liberty-Volume-I/2 Chapter 46 through 65. https://mises.org/media/categories/117/Conceived-in-Liberty-Volume-I
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