1/10 Gold Am. Eagles - 1.26 or 1.19mm thick?

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1/10 Gold Am. Eagles - 1.26 or 1.19mm thick?

According to the US Mint's PDF brochure the thickness of 1/10th oz. Gold American Eagles should be 1.26mm. (https://www.usmint.gov/downloads/mint_programs/am_eagles/AmerEagleGold.pdf ). NorthWest Territorial Mint also lists it at 1.26mm thick (https://bullion.nwtmint.com/gold_americaneagle.php)


Gainesville Coins and many other web vendors and websites show the thickness as 1.19mm. (https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/products/159179/2012-1-10-oz-gold-ameri... and https://www.bing.com/search?q=1.19mm+gold+eagle)

So who's right? 1.26-1.19 = 0.07mm. Seven hundredths of a mm ( 2 thousandths of an inch) difference seems like enough clearance for a coin to rattle freely in a caliper. Clearly, somebody's wrong here.

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Maybe they're ALL wrong

The PDF from the mint lists the thickness as 0.049 inches which is 1.245 mm, however the PDF says 1.26mm.

However, 1.26mm is actually 0.04961 inches and if you don't round up, then it agrees.

The Mint PDF was modified on 3/24/2011...