Dealing with the wait

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Dealing with the wait

So I have enough food that I have no place to store it. My ammo and gun stack is complete. PM's, got enough (maybe). I feel like the prepping part is in good shape, but the waiting for things to really change is dragging me down.

"Am I the only one feeling this gut wrenching/stressed out while waiting for the inevitable?"

I am constantly reading on the web and researching what is going in the world trying to get a better picture of the future, or a better plan of action and the whole effen mess seems damn near hopeless. What's a guy to do? (I know, keep stacking) but I have this feeling that there has to be more and I am somehow missing the boat. Any thoughts, criticisms, or encouragements are welcomed.

Transmission Rebuilder

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there is only so much you can do

no one knows how this is going to go down, or maybe, only one really does.  try to help friends and family to see the light.  don't get greedy in your prepping - the goal shouldn't be to be rich once the SHTF.  if that is your goal, you are missing the point.  try to cover the basics, you will be able to trade for what you forgot.  the most important thing is to have a community of awakened people, and a plan.  there is some pain coming, but it won't last forever.  and if you are fully prepped spiritually, you will worry a lot less, and be able to "Carpe Diem" a bit while you wait.  hope i have lifted your spirits.  welcome to Turdville. 

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What's a guy to do? Live your

What's a guy to do? Live your life! You've made the preps. Increase your skills in areas that you think need improvement, or in areas that you haven't quite perfected yet, but above all, enjoy the time between now and when "IT" happens. "IT" may be longer than you think in arriving, but the mindset and the skills that you  acquire between now and then, and the "joie de vivre" that you experience now could be the most important part of your preparations. Survival is a mindset, and a positive one. If you dwell on the negative, and don't look at things in a positive manner, you've cut your chances of a more "harmonious outcome". Live life to its fullest, and it will repay you in the future. Consider life's enjoyment and a positive outlook as your mental "precious metals". Keep stacking for a rainy day. Just my .02, take it for what it's worth, but that's how I handle the waiting game.

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This is how we deal with the wait.

Dear transmission rebuilder.

I could have written your post myself,

you described me word for word.

The best I can do, is to get up and go to work during the day,

and keep tabs on the economic and global collapse, at night.

At least we have a place like this to gather and chat.

I also spend my days doing repair work,

and have rebuilt many a transmission myself.

At least we have skills that will always be valuable,

and can't be outsourced, or computerized.

I have expanded my business from simply working on cars,

too working on houses, appliances, equipment,

and just about anything imaginable that needs to be repaired.

I actually do business as Mr. Fix.

Right now, I am simply trying to expand my customer base, that so even in a system that relies almost entirely on barter,

me and my family will be okay.

My best advice for you, is to expand into fixing anything that you know how to fix.

Although, if you currently have a good job, keep it in the meantime.

I did carpentry for many years, because I got tired of being covered in grease all day,

that worked well until nobody wanted a house anymore.

Now I can't find a job anywhere,

so like I said, I fix whatever I can.

Good luck.


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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dealing with the wait

Today I completed a storage shed for all of my food. It has taken all summer and it looks great with about a years worth of food in it for my family. We have enough bullets, bullion and band-aids as well. I am taking what time we have left to learn everything and anything I can. We are canning for the first time and wow what a skill that is! I have watched the back to eden video someone posted here awhile back and am working on locating woods chips for the spring. Once it cools a bit, I will start putting in more firewood. We also search the real estate listings for property that will meet our future needs. We help our extended families and friends and love a good bbq. It's all going to work out well for us because I desperately want to be there when the dust settles to make absolutely sure that the people in charge don't bugger things up again. 

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Seeing the light

Now I have to dig out my copy of the "Blues Brothers" and watch it again. (We're on a mission from God) I guess I have been looking at the negative stuff instead of the Big Picture. Thanks for bringing that up. Time to re-focus, have some fun, fire up the smoker and cook a mess of pork ribs for family and friends. I guess I need to lighten up and take each day as it comes, knowing that I can't change what TPTB will do, I can only change what I will do. I have fallen into a mode of waiting, instead of a mode of living each day the best I can, and savoring the ups and downs of this thing we call life here on earth. Which brings to mind this verse , Ephesians 6:13 "Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may me able to withstand the evil day, and having done (or overcome) all to stand.  Stand therefore, having you loins girt about with truth..."

It is amazing what comes to light when you seek the light. The rest of that passage speaks straight to us today, in a way that I have never noticed before. Especially the part about "having done all to stand, Just stand! in truth no less" (pp)

Thanks all, I feel better allready,

Transmission Rebuilder

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I agree with many of the responses already posted.  But I'd like to approach mine from a different angle... with an analogy.

Picture a man in his 60's who is the picture of a modern success story.  He has multiple advanced degrees, has launched successful businesses and stood at the helm of even more.  He has more money than he could possibly need for the rest of his life.  He has children, grandchildren and each looks fit to carry on his legacy with pride.  He answers to no one, and no accomplishment among his life goals has been left undone.  But he is bothered because he doesn't know what to do next.  He has done everything, and is literally a model for human achievement.  There is nothing left to aim for.  Does he simply wait to die?

What would you or I say to him?  I would tell him congratulations... now live, enjoy life and be happy every moment because nothing can stand in your way.  Watch a sunset, see a natural wonder, laugh with family and sit in silence.  Reminisce with old friends and share your wisdom with your children.  Give... and receive... fully until the end of your days.  And thank God for such a wonderful opportunity.

The criteria may differ but I think that if you are as wealthy in your preparations as this man is in his own sense, then I would say the same to you.  Congratulations.  Be happy now, there is no reason to wait.

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Patterns of history

>"Am I the only one feeling this gut wrenching/stressed out while waiting for the inevitable?"

The anticipated end of the current order is nothing new. I started with it in 1992-93. There were almost the same arguments and concerns as now. A creepy president hostile to America (recall he was actually impeached). The fiction of fiat and fractional reserve banking. Exploding debt which was expected to become unsustainable by the late 1990's. The challenge of Japanese industry. As usual, silver was "about to explode".

Douglas Casey was publishing his book "Crisis Investing for the 90's" and suggesting people move to Chile or anyplace but the U.S. (If anyone out there took his advice and has been living in a remote villa in Chile or Monaco, etc., for the last 20 years, let us know how life has been "waiting it out"). I have books from back then about getting multiple passports, tropical islands with favorable banking systems, etc.

So I ended up missing plays on the bubble and real estate bubble which wasn't predicted by the prepping community until after it started. I was squirreling away PM, supplies, gear, etc., with expectations that look quaint now.

Silver did it's run from $3 to $6, which was essentially unplayable outside the paper pit (due to premiums) and lapsed into a decade+ of quiet.

When the crisis of 2008 hit, which I had expected to happen in 1996, I thought, "Well, finally, this is it!", never imaging things like TARP and bottomless bailouts and QE and the extent to which it was possible to delay and hide.

Having been expecting the end of things at any moment for the last 20 years, if it bothers you and interferes with your life, stop thinking about it. No one knows what's going to happen in the future. Next week, there could be a nanotechnology breakthrough the renders silver and money obsolete.

The only thing the really seems different now is the existence of the Internet honing, amplifying, and propagating certain ideas naturally attractive to an independent frame of mind. Back then, it was in monthly subscription newsletters where this was all the rage.

All things come to an end, but in the meantime "... do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own..."

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My wife and I prepare

My wife and I prepare ardently for anything that may come our way.  I consider it the adult version of the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared".  But sometimes you just gotta take a week off, go sit on a beach somewhere, and veg out, eat some good food, listen to a little Jimmy Buffet, play in the waves and don't worry about that freight train heading our way.  It won't get here next week.  Or the week after.

Just make sure you have a full tank and a little bug out bag in case the SHTF while you're getting that tan :).


Seller of high quality, Thrive brand freeze dried storage foods:

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Why wait?

Congratulations on being so prepared! I'm right there with you with food, ammo, water...and a lot of land full of animals. A pond full of fish and a family full of skills. But why the anxiety? Do we really want things to change violently? Or do we want to be prepared if/when they do? For me, it's the latter. Just love life today and, if the SHTF, know that you're prepared.

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It really helps one keep

It really helps one keep proper perspective by taking extended time away from any source of US and world news. The human nervous systems accommodates to stimulation so that more and more dramatic stimuli/news will always be required to give one the same vigilance one had at earlier levels of prepping when it was "all new." Hence the waiting can be somewhat of let down, not necessarily because one wants things to collapse, but because the earlier level of vigilance has diminished in intensity. 

Also keep in mind that compared to other places in the world the USA, in my opinion has a long ways to go before things get more dicey here. They are destroying the value of the dollar but it is relative to other countries in this race to the bottom. The USA still has among the best natural resources, security, rule of law, innovation and engineering, Take advantage of the time offered by virtue of your excellent efforts and results in prepping to stand back a little and enjoy some exercise, recreation, work, study and family time. This practice will keep your perspective sharp, and most importantly will keep yourself in the best shape possible not only for what might or might not come, but to enjoy your life. 

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Awesome post Ojibwe!  I'm

Awesome post Ojibwe!  I'm saving that one.  So totally true.  yes

and thanks for all you do on this blog.  yesyes


This isn't a metals blog anymore. It's a right wing circle jerk, masquerading as a metals blog.

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