Twitter shuts down critic of NBC Olympic coverage

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Twitter shuts down critic of NBC Olympic coverage

Guy Adams is The Independent's Los Angeles bureau chief and he has not been shy in his critiques of NBC's coverage of the Olympics. In fact, he has consistently claimed that the network is screwing things up at every turn through his Twitter account.

Now Adams has had his Twitter account suspended.

A Twitter staffer told Adams his account was suspended because he included the corporate email address for Gary Zenkel, the NBC exec in charge of the company's Olympics coverage.

But as Deadspin pointed out earlier, Twitter isn't exactly an impartial party here, as the company has teamed up with NBC to provide additional coverage for the Olympics.

NBC has admitted that it filed the original complaint against Adams and it appears the "rule" he broke about "posting an individual's private information" doesn't actually exist. Under Twitter's listed guidelines posting "non-public, personal email addresses" is a violation, but Zenkel's email is a public, corporate address.

Adams has ripped NBC's handling of the Games, its lack of live coverage, and he even excoriated anchor Matt Lauer at one point. It's understandable that NBC wasn't a big fan of his Twitter account.

But this whole scenario is fishy, especially when you consider that Twitter has always been a way for people to express their feelings in a public forum. Shutting down someone like Adams - who was just giving his opinion - is a really bad precedent for a social media site like Twitter to set.

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