Who is Merrill Jenkins?

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Who is Merrill Jenkins?

If you have not read his stuff, look up Merrill Jenkins. I will provide some links below.

I started my journey like many of you during the 2008 meltdown. That singular event literally woke me up from my normalcy bias and I began to quench my thirst for truth about what the heck was happening. I could no longer accept that 40% of the information I heard from Washington DC and the Media was true. I assumed it was all BS. I needed to learn and understand our monetary history. Like many of you I started reading everything I could find online. The pumpers and the preachers were mixed in with so many good men and women who saw our future many generations ago.

The first book I purchased was The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin. This was literally my Red Pill. Every day I read this I could not believe it was written twenty years ago and it was buried in the dust of history. How I wished I had read this twenty years prior. I read this book along with so many other and with each step I become more aware as my eyes open wider.

So a few weeks ago I saw a post of an old TV interview with Merrill Jenkins and a Federal Reserve guy on youtube from the 1970's. I think I posted it here on Main Street. Anyhow, I was so impressed with this guy that I had to find a copy of his book. I did find a copy of his first book on Amazon for $50 and ordered it. Since then I have found copies of his other books that someone has posted in html format online. Mr Jenkins is no longer with us as he passed in 1979, but his words are prophetic. I can not believe that I have never heard of him before. His books are not easy to find but this guy was so far ahead of the curve that it shocks me that I have not heard him mentioned before. He predates G Edwards work by 20 years and he wrote his book when we were going full Fiat. His words sound like they were written today except he was talking about future events that we are just now starting to verbalize today in the same language.

Here is an exerpt from one of his books, Treadmill to Oblivion

"The paper tokens are reduced in QUANTITY by rubber­stamping 'one cent' on a "ten "dollar" "bill." Metal tokens are punched or distorted to change their volume parity with new issues. The collapse of the "money" this time will not be in the usual manner as just described, because this time it is not a single currency' or one nation that is about to suffer monetary collapse. This time the whole world is involved and the banking system of the world will collapse. The world "currencies" were tied together in 1944 at Bretton Woods with the formation of the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.). The U.S. "dollar" was accepted as a "reserve" "currency" ("constant" unit reference for all other "currency" parities) and the coming total collapse of the "dollar" will effect all other currencies. This explains the 'support' of the "dollar" all around the world. Every nation is supporting the "dollar" at a tremendous cost to their own monetary well­being in order to postpone the total collapse of the world wide monetary system. The other nations create massive amounts of their "money" to buy "dollars" to POSTPONE its collapse, when it should be observed that the collapse IS COMING because the volume of "money" is too great. Why then do they increase the volume when it is the volume increasing that is causing the inevitable downfall of the "money" system? Is there conflict?"

Here is the video that started me,

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