Looking at BRF Market vectors small cap Brazil

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Looking at BRF Market vectors small cap Brazil

A few years ago,when the market looked more real,and recovering from the 2008 crash, there was alot of sentiment positive for emerging markets going forward, and Brazil was a popular idea. With the upcoming Olympics, on the agenda as well, Brazil seemed like a positive investment theme...... Until the market sentiment turned sour on everything, as the slow motion collapse of 2011/2012/2013 began last year.

So what is the real reality in this world. Are the fundamentals ok for the rest of the world? ex Europe/USA?

Rampant inflation in India now. China may not be the strong engine for continual growth,at least for the near future. what looked like the place to invest in 2009,Brazil, ....how about now.?

Looking at BRF, the small cap Brazil ETF, had a peak around 60 dollars and looks like it wants to fall another leg soon to hit 30 dollars.

a 50 % haircut off the top.

Would you buy BRF at 30 ? as an investment ? Is there anyplace in the world worth investing in ? Some folks are thinking about Singapore dollars. others are thinking about only gold and silver bullion.

Are there any places to invest other than gold and silver?

BRF at 30 ??

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