Anyone doing sales on the web as a business?

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Anyone doing sales on the web as a business?

We are in the final stages of setting up our business. It's an eCommerce site catering to the needs of prepared minded families, preppers, etc. We are having a heckuva time choosing a template based web company - and we want a template based service because we DO NOT want to spend all of our time and money paying someone else to keep the site operating. Our first year needs to focus on sales and inventory.

So we're looking at a custom template on ProStores (an Ebay company) and Shopify. I actually have the contract for a custom site on ProsStores in hand. However, I've heard Ebay is halting further development of ProStores sites in favor of their new toy, MagentoGo.

I've also looked at a few others, but the stories about poor customer service and site down time are scary.

Anyone out there have any experience with ProStores or Shopify sites they are willing to share? I am not in a major rush - I have other channels to move the inventory.



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