Gold Silver Ratio (swap)

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Gold Silver Ratio (swap)

Hi Turdites,

I was thinking about swapping some gold for silver at the moment since the ratio is about 1:58. My PM dealer offers me 1:50 ratio. I was told that that is about 1% premium. I was wondering. Is this a good offer I can take? I am "losing" about 8 coins in the trade and later back again when I want to go back into gold again at 1:35 let's say. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.


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How does it compare to a

How does it compare to a scenario where you sell the gold for cash and then purchase the silver in separate, over the counter transactions?  If you are getting more silver, then I would think it's a good deal (assuming you are set on swapping the metals).


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Swapping gold for silver

I just did this, at Miles Franklin.  I ended up with the final ratio being 52 and change to one.  They paid spot plus a little extra for the gold but charged a premium of about 3 bucks and change for each ounce of silver.  I thought it was fair.


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