New local LCS...and MORE!!!!

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#1 Thu, Jun 28, 2012 - 7:59am
clueless one
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New local LCS...and MORE!!!!

Here in PA, I've had two choices for cash purchases. Now, I have a third!

Patriot Gold and Coin Shop...Easton, PA. (If you're nearby)

Bought 20 ASE's at $2.25 over spot. Now, it may seem expensive to you...but the other two places I've been dealing with have up'd the premiums. Um... $38 per ASE? No thanks!!!!!

But here's the best part...

There's also a GUN STORE!!!! Two guys have brought their businesses together and are sharing a storefront. What an absolutely wonderful place. Couldn't be a better match.

It was a bit weird walking in...all four guys were totin' .45s!! All of them are completely like minded, see what's coming. It's like I've found a new set of

side note: He is telling me that it's becoming tight on larger orders. By "larger", I'm not sure what he means. He did mention that 6-10 week lead times on orders from the bullion dealers he goes to are now the norm. He says demand is insane and that the news media will never mention it. Sound familiar??? He also mentioned how some people are watching the charts and walking in expecting to buy AT SPOT when the price goes down. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He told me... " if it drops...I just take money from my checking account, stick it in the till...pull the silver into the safe and he now owns it" ...until he feels like selling. Win win! Great guy too... will be hangin out there quite often in the future!

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