Dr. Michael J. Burry - UCLA Department of Economics commencement 2012

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Dr. Michael J. Burry - UCLA Department of Economics commencement 2012


Congratulations to the people at the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Economics for giving this stage to Dr. Michael Burry.

We among all Americans have witnessed the real "Ground Zero" of these financial weapons of mass destruction.

We in California are the individuals who have suffered the invisible pains which have such devastating influences on our health, our lives, and our families.

One can not heal until the pain is acknowledged by the physician and the disease is understood by the patient.

Even then, the invisible hand of God must empower the physician or nurse to heal. Otherwise, the misguided care could worsen things.

Mr. Bernanke and his board of governors have not one microsecond of experience in diagnosis or healing, but the doctor appears to offer much in the way of opinion and guidance.

The erosion of actual standards of living in these United States are clear to most.

And, I pray, to you.

Many prayers and blessings for God's protection on you and your family in the weeks to come. And, on mine as well.

Many thanks to TF for sponsoring this site.

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