We Texans' plan to eliminate property taxes in Texas

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We Texans' plan to eliminate property taxes in Texas

Debra Medina's group We Texans has been advocating a plan to eliminate property taxes in Texas, and unlike the ND bill that was just defeated, replace it with a revenue neutral and fairer mix of sales tax and "fair tax" for business.

I had urged We Texans to post a FAQ addressing the common concerns and questions I was seeing in various corners when discussing their plan. They have now posted the FAQ along with a summary explanation of their property tax elimination plan and the history of it's evolution: https://wetexans.com/bold-plan-free-texas/
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Fri, Jun 15, 2012 - 6:36pm
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Finally!!!  Someone gets

Finally!!! Someone gets it!

"Citizens are all instead simple renting their property from the government. "

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