Economy Collapsing Today -- What Steps Do You Take First?

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Economy Collapsing Today -- What Steps Do You Take First?

Hi all,

I'm curious if any of you have a checklist or action plan for the first 12-24 hours of a collapse. For example, if on Monday morning you see that the dollar is crashing or there are going to be bank runs, what do you do first? Go to the bank, go to the grocery store, buy more PMs, what?

I know that all of this depends on the exact scenario, as well as the preps that you already have in place, but I'm just looking for some ideas that I may not have thought of.

Thanks in advance.

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Mon, Jun 4, 2012 - 6:43am
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important topic

but only a generic response from me; you put the finishing touches to the preparations that should have already made.

Some items are difficult to stock in advance (especially certain foods), so they are left till the big day. But pay particular attention to medicines, allergy tablets etc. 

Also, don't delay important things that can be done while times are normal (e.g dental work, house repairs etc).. 

Finally (and I wish I had some), in case there is a breakdown in law and order, some quality fake PM coins to give to a gunman / gubmint official who knows that you have some PMs, and is in your house to rob you.

There is a site that itemises the 100 things we will need in a breakdown scenario; does anybody have it?

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We won't be doing much

We won't be doing much different except making trips to the grocery store, bank and gas station to stock up on final purchases. We're at a good spot in most of our preparations to get us through the first year or so of a financial collapse scenario. The good thing about financial collapse scenarios is that you can see the train wreck coming, vs. other situations where it's unexpected and happens over a very short period of time (EMP, solar event, pandemic).

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My advice would be to stay

My advice would be to stay home unless there was something that you desperately needed. Long lines at all of the places that you mention have the potential for violence, and unless you want to be subjected to that, stay away. The closest thing that I can think of is the panic amongst the unprepared in a hurricane warning. This would be orders of magnitude worse, especially when the reality of the situation was realized. 

Unless I had to be out and about, I would not be. If I was, then I'd be heading for home as fast as I could get there.

Wed, Jun 6, 2012 - 8:37pm
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I've given this a great deal

I've given this a great deal of thought. One biggie was that it took approximately 24 hours for the LA Riots to grow violence & destruction to where it became widespread. It seems the first day (with an emphasis on DAY-time) folks good & bad are somewhat stunned. So you can bank on 12-24 hours of "first dibs".

Having said that, the absolute first thing I'd do is :

#1 Group Text to family & friends to fuel up, goto the bank/ATM to get cash

#2 In the same text/contact loop, implore them to fuel up first, THEN goto the bank (reason being around here there are way more gas stations than banks), to withdraw cash/contents of safe deposit box. I would then move myself to perform #1 and #2 myself.

Once I returned home from the fuel-up/cash withdrawals, I'd immediately start topping off the charge in my handhelds (cells/other radios) and then start securing the home and getting BOB's / self-defense items / water at the ready. Check all the vehicles for air/oil/other fluids. Nothing like 10psi to ruin fuel mileage.

If I needed something, I was thinking I'd hit up small places like Smart & Final or Staples if I wanted bottled water or something like that; I'd avoid typical grocery stores or big-box stores (WM, etc). I'd focus on eating the most perishable food in the fridge and also start freezing 2L bottles of water.

In my view, the biggest immediate threat from economic collapse is fires started by malcontents. You may plan to "hunkerdown and bug-in" but fire may make that impossible hence my emphasis on being able to bug out even if simply to my relative's house a few cities over.