Net effect of the "billionaires who talk their book"

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Net effect of the "billionaires who talk their book"

You know them; Turk, Sprott, Sinclair, etc. I'm curious what the peanut gallery thinks is their overall effect on PM investors; mostly positive or mostly negative? 

One view is that these PM billionaires (PMBs) draw less sophisticated investors into buying by "talking their book" at times when investors would have been better off waiting for lower prices.

Another view is that these PMBs give confidence to regular people just learning about PMs who otherwise wouldn't have the confidence to take that first step, and that reading the PMBs cheery perspectives give the newbies the strength to hold their positions until the promised take off of the metals finally comes. 

So, net positive or net negative?

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I swing trade by the seat of my pants, but I do make a little profit somehow. Any comments I make about my trades should be taken with a grain of salt, and maybe as a contrarian indicator.

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Look, I personally think

Look, I personally think these guys have so much money, money is not a thing for them. I have personally met John Embry and Eric Sprott, both of which are incredibly outspoken and kind individuals. If anything, there is an innate sense that these men are doing this because they know in their hearts it is what's right. It's hard to think long term and easy to focus on the intense price warfare going on, but who will be the victors in 10 years? Holders of metal will be. These guys are benevolent all the way.


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