After Currency Death

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After Currency Death

I thought I would start a thread on what it will be like after the fiat implosion. Although no one really knows, I am interested in what people have to say. Preparation and the new currency are covered in other threads, but I was hoping this thread could focus on what it will be like after the big event.

My thoughts/fears are as follows:

1. Infrastructure: Interruptions in the power grid, water and sewer service, nuclear power shutdowns, etc. I know there will be at least some interruption but will it be temporary or extended?

2. Emergency services: Police, Fire Department, Ambulances, etc.: I do not know to what extent these services will be affected but I am planning as if none of these services will be available. Basic medical care will be severely impacted also.

3. Breakdown of society: Fortunately I do not live in a major metropolitan area, which could be subject to roving gangs looking for food and worse. The military will probably provide some order but not sure how much. There will be anarchy, but the big question is what level of anarchy?

4. Breakdown of commerce, supply, etc.: I expect grocery stores to empty of food quickly and other stores to empty of inventory. Again, the question is how severe will this be?

5. Martial law: Depending on how much control the military/new govt will exert, there is the risk that many/all of our current citizen rights will be violated and stuff will get confiscated that we do not want confiscated.

This is a pretty depressing post to write. Maybe I am painting too bleak a picture. But I would rather prepare for the worst than to get surprised.

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