"Peak Government" editorial

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"Peak Government" editorial

Great, great editorial on the why & how of government expansion and the inevitable difficulties of forced contraction. my favorite bit:

To enhance their own power, these elites increase the State’s reach until it dominates the entire political, social, and economic system. This sets up an inherently self-destructive feedback loop in which the State’s actions to protect its self-serving elites weaken both the State and the nation. The State’s inefficiencies pressure the nation’s output, even as the State increases its share of the national income to maintain its self-serving elites and quiet its potentially restive dependents. The more the State expropriates, the less surplus is left for productive investment, and so the nation’s output continues to decline.

Read more: https://feedproxy.google.com/~r/google/RzFQ/~3/vEVWiBFmSBE/we-have-reached-peak-government.html#ixzz1vED1j5bz
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