Zero Hedge post about 70's similarities

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Zero Hedge post about 70's similarities

Anyone here have any thoughts about this post from zero hedge?

Cheers and Thanks.

Max Fischer

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The "scariest position" is clearly silver.  It's tracing the 1980 bubble/collapse identically. I can't even imagine how many silver bagholders are facing total wipeouts in the coming 12 months.

And what's so tragic about all this is that the "silver pumpers" just keep pushing more lemmings off the cliff.  Just two days ago, I read another bullshit analysis (on a different blog) by a well-known silver pumper and he said, "silver has to go down, in order to go up."  WTF?  *LOL* Really? Then why was this very same person pushing everyone into silver all the way up to $50?  Now, at $28, he thinks it needs to go further down before it can make everyone rich?  Pure delusion.  This is a perfect example of someone so fanatically and emotionally attached to his investment that he's totally incapable of recognizing how absurd his thesis is.   

How do you know if you're too fanatic about your positions?  When you see your investment continue to lose value day after day, so you convince yourself that this is 'all part of the plan' and that the more it loses, the higher it will, some day, go.  


The scariest position?  Silver. No doubt.  Silver lemmings are gonna ride that one straight into the ditch..... and when they're flat on their face, they're gonna say, "See... this is perfect... now that we lost most of our wealth, it should start to go up!" 


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twippers, just to be clear,

twippers, just to be clear, that chart is from 2011.  According to what is presented, silver has already followed the chart's entire path... it eventually bottomed at $26 and change, and went back up.


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