Planning to take a loan on my 403b, buy gold/silver but I have tax questions

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Planning to take a loan on my 403b, buy gold/silver but I have tax questions

I'm young (28), was laid off in 2008 during the financial crisis and was lucky enough to find a job shortly thereafter working for a university. At age 30, it's mandatory that you put 5% of your income into a 403b and they match two dollars for every one dollar you put in. When I got hired (at age 25) I decided to go ahead and start putting my money in.

I am convinced that I will never see any of this money. It will be confiscated when the dollar dies, will be eaten by inflation or have it's value deteriorated greatly as the stock and bond markets (the only things you can put your money in, in the 403b) gyrate, or some combination of the three.

Because I believe the financial world is headed for utter catastrophe, I want to take a loan on my 403b, buy gold and silver and then default. I know that doing so will incur a 10% tax penalty right off the top, which I am willing to pay. I also know I will have to report the loan as income on my taxes. What I do not know, is how to calculate exactly what my tax bill will be. I want to take the money out, pay the 10% penalty for early withdrawal, pay whatever tax I'll owe as a result of having higher income, and then purchase my gold and silver.

Are there any accountants out there that can help me figure out how much I would need to hold back for taxes? I make about 44k right now, have no dependents and no real tax deductions.

Thanks in advance for any reply's!

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