Silver: Hidden Value

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Silver: Hidden Value

Having trouble getting the unelightened to buy one ounce of silver. Perhaps it is because the message had been "Crash JP Morgan". JP Who? and then when they learn a bit more, The FED has unlimited printing capability, they will never go broke. Even if they did, they would rehypothicate all their customer assets before they went.

Jamie Dimon would make John Corzine look like a choir boy. That shoe will drop, bit we should not hold our breath.

So what should the rallying cry be?

Buy silver, and make the most powerful medicinal substance know to man. Many of you will already know about Colloidal silver and the Bob Beck protocol. If not, I will tell you the best reason I know of why everyone should own an ounce of silver.

If you have trouble broaching the subject of silver, this might be a way to bring it up, in a way you can prove.

Colloidal silver basically a solution of tiny silver particles suspended in distilled water. It is a powerful antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent. It can be used externally and internally. A specific form has been patented in the US as a treatment for HIV and Hepatitis. For those not in the know, to get a patent you have to prove the invention works!

Colloidal silver has been well known in a large self-help community for many years. It is easy and cheap to make, and a pair of 99.9% pure wires (or two silver rounds), distilled water, and 3 9 volt batteries. Professionally built battery operated units are also available.

In a time when medical care will be unavailable or prohibitively expensive it is worth investigating the claims that colloidal silver:

1. Kills viruses (cold, flu, HIV, Hepatitis)

2. Clears fungal infections (Candida, athletes foot)

3. Potent antibiotic

Unlike conventional antibiotics pathogens cannot become resistant. It works because pathogens are negatively charged and don't like oxygen (anaerobic). Silver particles have a positive charge and attract the pathogen and oxygen ion toward it.

When they meet, it kills the pathogen, and the silver particle moves onto the next pathogen.

A lot of gorp is talked about argyria, which is a condition where the skin turns blue. This is cause by silver salts, like silver chloride, not colloidal silver. So distilled water should always be used if the solution is to be applied to the body.

Colloidal silver also acts as a disinfectant, for this use, tap water can be used to make it.

Look up the Bob Beck Protocol and understand why some silver should be in everyone's medicine cupboard

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