US Mint Sales: 2012 Proof Silver Eagles Debut

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US Mint Sales: 2012 Proof Silver Eagles Debut

US Mint Sales: 2012 Proof Silver Eagles Debut

New products make their debut on the latest report of the United States Mint's numismatic product sales. These include the 2012 American Silver Eagle Proof Coin and the Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coin Cover.

The US Mint began sales of the 2012 Proof Silver Eagle on April 12, 2012, which represented an earlier release than the past two years. The coins were priced at $59.95 each and offered with no stated mintage limit and no household ordering limits. Through the sales reporting date of April 16, 2012, sales have reached 299,539. This amount compares to debut sales of 367,623 for the 2011 Proof Silver Eagle within a comparable opening period.

The Chester Arthur Presidential $1 Coin Cover, which went on sale April 9, 2012, has sold 13,562 units within the opening period. This is slightly lower than the initial sales for the previous cover featuring James Garfield, which had debuted at 13,843.

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