Silver poised for breakout - but which way?

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Silver poised for breakout - but which way?

Silver supply/demand statistics can be extraordinarily misleading with little consensus as to the true position but, the precious metal appears to be in a potential undersupply situation

A clear understanding of the silver market seems to elude even the most seasoned market participants. We have made every effort to properly characterize the fundamentals of this market - see The whys and hows of investing in silver. Our efforts are rooted in the singular mission of helping you develop an ability to think objectively. Through an objective lens, dislocated markets become visible opening a profit window.

Silver currently exhibits a very intriguing set of market conditions. From a technical perspective, few charts are able to develop the pressurized conditions now visible in silver. Exactly one year ago, silver began a violent three phase consolidation. We now suspect that this consolidation is nearing completion. What we would like readers to see is the disciplined behavior of the metal throughout this period. As frequently discussed here, pennant formations of this size typically create explosive directional breakouts once completed.

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