Gold And Silver Sales Banned To The Public! Possible?

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Gold And Silver Sales Banned To The Public! Possible?

With the ever increasing demand for silver and gold coins from the US mints might the government decide for reasons of national economic and military security to stop minting gold and/or silver coins? Not only is this possible I believe it could happen any day after the upcoming election. The shock would so upset the markets that doing so before the elections is very unlikely but probable after the election. Silver is indeed required for national defense. Using that as an excuse as opposed to that so much silver and gold in the hands of the public is weakening the dollar to the point where the government is losing control with hyperinflation soon to arrive is very convenient. Gold is not a military metal but it will “go along for the ride” with the minting of both coin types stopped; probably for good. Especially if the massive bluff currently way to prove if is there is gold and silver behind ETF’s or not (and learn ETF’s are, for the most part, not backed by metal) and attempts to audit Ft. Knox succeed (and find it empty) most of the world’s economy will go into free fall with a few countries exiting the clear winners and become the new leaders of the world. China is #1 on this list. The USA would be devastated for decades. Much is being played out right within the top echelons of the world’s economy. Check out the many annotations shown in this video. What is going on right now will affect our lives and those that come after us for hundreds of years to come. As I


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Confiscation has happened

Confiscation has happened before back in 1933....


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Everything is possible

Highly unlikely. Refiners would lose big time but nowadays anything is possible. I would say: keep stacking while you can!


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confiscation of gold will not

confiscation of gold will not help much.  in reality it will hurt the country.  we have different circumstances today.  remember gold is a barbaric relic.  they will have to take it away from you to save you.  what a good government we have that saves us from the dangers of gold ownership. 


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I agree with Gold Nugget

Keep in mind that, as Jim Rickards pointed out, the confiscation in the 1930's was primarily targeted at that Banks. These had the lions' share of the gold. And which supposedly still have the IOU's today.

Anything is, of course, possible. But the question should be is whether it is probable. I'd put the probability at somewhere between 1-49% percent. But really, who knows?

Personally, I'm not concerned. It's dead simple to melt either gold or silver, and turn it into basic jewelry. Might not be fantastic bling, but certainly tradeable.

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