Transition From the USD is Underway and Will Accelerate!

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Silver Rock
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Transition From the USD is Underway and Will Accelerate!

If you are on the fence about buying gold ask yourself this question - Over the long run will the world transition away from the US Dollar or will confidence in the value of the USD strengthen. If the world transitions away from the dollar, gold will almost certainly rise in price as measured by the US Dollar because transition from the USD means transition to something else - something people have more confidence in. Arguably, we are in the early stage of such a transition. That's why gold has already risen so much over the past several years.

At the current pace the US Debt will hit 20 trillion dollars in three years (not counting unfunded liabilities for future social security payments, future medicare costs and federal pensions), with no current plans to stop piling on more debt long into the future. You make the call.

My hunch is that over the next 12-18 months transition from the USD will begin to become noticeable. Many will transition into other paper fiat currencies such as the Canadian Dollar which will be deemed to be stronger than the USD but ultimately the path to gold will materialize even more, much more, than it already has.

When you are ready to make the transition, give me a call. I will help. I am the President and Founder of Atlantic Precious Metals LLC (APM). The link to the APM website is below. Source
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