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One more report of tightening control in the U'S.A.

I have to admit to being surprised at how far along the plans of TPTB are and at how little resistance to and awareness of this control agenda has materialized.  I read numerous reports of absolutely criminal and brutal enforcement by police all over the states, but very rarely do I hear of any resistance.  Are people too lazy, too stupid, or just too scared?  Other than the "occupiers" and the very brave bloggers and journalists I read, it seems the populace of America (Canada too) are content to wait for the van to take them to the train station prior to being turned into sausage for the man's dogs to feed upon.  There is awareness, I realize, and it is increasing both here in Canada and in the U.S.A., but when will the people stand up, demand accountability, and act to ensure that happens?  Maybe no one wants a revolution.....but we need one.

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We should all twitter, post

We should all twitter, post and mail 'revolution' at the same time. Then the algo's will lead the way...


Where does it end? When we value a grain of gold like a grain of sand...

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