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Home Distillations

I want to stress that this is NOT something I am engaging in myself.  I stumbled on this information totally by accident this evening and because it seemed like something that would be appropriate in the "Preparing Accordingly" forum I decided to share it and at the same time start a new topic - that of home distillation.

In and of itself, it is not illegal in the United States to build / own a distiller.  What is illegal is to use one to distill alcohol, so if you happen to live in the USA, or any other country where distilling alcohol is illegal, then please don't break the law.  That being said, TFmetals report hosts an international community, so plenty of people here can distill all the spirits they choose to with perfect legality in their home country, so, to those folks, I say go for it and I hope this info is useful.

Essentially, go to:


and download the design there, which is how to build a fully functional still out of a couple of food grade plastic buckets, an aquarium heater, and a handful of other items.  The still makes no odor and will distill up to about a quart of 35 - 40% alcohol a day - 55% if you don't mind distilling it twice.

I've read several different comments that in true SHTF situations, having alcohol to trade is often more valuable that PM's.  What better way to be prepped than to have a way to make virtually unlimited amounts of quality spirits for dirt cheap?

Direct link to the plans:


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The problem with the amazing

The problem with the amazing still is you keep all the volatile nasties in the spirits. That is the first still I researched when I began to make my own alcohol. Here is my still https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/comment/101250#comment-101250

It produces Absolut Vodka quality alcohol. It is a nixon-stone design reflux still. Fairly easy to make for anyone with basic soldering skills.

Homedistiller.org is a good site to get info for stills and fermentation procedures.

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Volatile nasties

If I lived in a country where I could use such a device as yours, I'd build one!

They guy that developed the amazing still admits that the spirits have impurities, which is why using charcoal filters afterwards on the spirits is part of the process.  He claims charcoal filtering removes all the nasties

​Of course, it's better to not even have the nasties in the spirits in the first place.  I just thought for some using "The Amazing Still" would be an easy, relatively inexpensive way to start. 

A few more documents and plans for stills can be found here:


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Pure spirits - - -

If distillation is illegal in the U.S.your best option is to freeze the fermented wash. The alcohol can be seperated from the water this way. Their are books on the procedure and I'm sure a google search should turn up some info.                                                                Charcoal will polish the spirit and remove some off flavours but it will only remove a small percentage off the hangover. Hangover free plonk can only be achieved by serious multi distillation.


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That looks a lot like the one some friends and I built back in the '70s. The product was flammable, had almost no taste and no hangover, and boiled at 78 degrees, as I recall. 

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