Buy-and-hold or Swingtrade? I found a simulator!

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Buy-and-hold or Swingtrade? I found a simulator!

I just stumbled upon this nifty little free-to-play trading simulator.

Now, it works as such that you get presented a random company and time period of a S&P 500 company and need to make a decision to long, short, or wait. The game skips ahead a day and you get to make a new decision. At the end of the period, the company and timeframe is revealed and you can keep playing if you so wish.

Your result swing-trading is compared to the strategy of buy and hold.

Along with the 4y chart you have a few technical tools at hand to help you on your way, but that's it.

What astounded me was the high-score list. Some people yielded consistent results, beating index, buy-and-hold, time and time again. You even have an option of reviewing their plays.
This example details one user and his numerous plays:
When clicking a game you get to see his individual decisions for that period:,sp500/1142,980109

Now, keep in mind that at the time of placing an order the user didn't know the company or the timeframe, so unless cheating is involved, this is 100% TA.
What tools and indicators do these guys use to make consistent successful decisions?

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