Martial law coming to a town near you soon?

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Martial law coming to a town near you soon?

I left a comment on the latest post about this but thought I'd start a new topic in the forums as well. Something to worry about? Much ado about nothing? "Bush had a similar Executive Order, but nothing came of it...?" "Uh oh, something big is coming?" What do you folks think?

Executive Order - National Defense Resources Preparedness (aka. Peacetime martial law and complete Federal takeover of virtually anything pertaining to the domestic technological, commercial, and industrial infrastructure, including natural resources and human labor workforce, whenever the government deems it necessary for national defense and continuity of Government).

The breakdown:

My take? This has been in the works for quite some time and I think a global economic collapse and war on an unprecedented scale has officially been green-lighted by the world's elite with a kickoff date very near in the future. Expect a false flag event of some type, either within the US or abroad, to get the ball rolling.

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Old news ...

To quote from Business Insider:

It's based in part on the Defense Production Act of 1950 ... The Act has been reauthorized and passed through Congress many times, most recently in 2008 by President Bush, who had previously re-authorized it in 2003. President Clinton did the same in 1994.


“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.”
― Mark Twain

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Ex. Order - NDRP

More of the same, another notch down the slippery slope towards total gov't  intervention/control.  Look at history and the world powers that came and went before the US came into existence. Same pattern. America is not immune or above the scope of human fears/failures/corruption/evil/and triumphs of mankind.  Most world powers have a shelf life of 200 - 250 years, then they fall from within.     It may take a bit longer here in the US because alot of citizens have weapons, but that too will be  banned/regulated/taxed/etc.    Just keep thinking of the frog in the pot of water, not knowing that each day the heat is turned up just one degree.         ...  Scary stuff to those of us that actually care about individual freedoms.

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