Santa's one of the Elite?

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Santa's one of the Elite?

The last several posts of yesterday's thread really got me rethinking things.

From his own lips, on GATA, Sinclair: "Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, and Bache were a few of the firms started by my family." -

It was noted that Sinclair owns KWN (no reference given)

It was noted that Turk's Goldmoney uses HSBC as their banking partner (no reference given).

It was noted that Schiff is in bed with JP Morgan (again, no reference given).

A few questions:

1) Are the last 3 points actually true? Anyone have references? Sinclair owning KWN wouldn't mean much, but the other two seem troubling.

2) Is Sinclair really part of the global elite?

3) and if he is, is this whole PM bull market a huge setup which is going to bite us all in the rear after the collapse of the dollar?

I have trouble thinking Sinclair has false motives, but the fact that he's in the family line of the elite seems irrefutable, the referenced article was written by him personally.

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Fri, Mar 16, 2012 - 8:01pm
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Why would Sinclair invest so

Why would Sinclair invest so much of his own personal money in a gold mine in the uncertain political climate of an African nation? Just to create the illusion that he is not one of the elites? His Dad also fired him nine times. We would need a little more proof that hearsay.

This could be a whole lot of FUD!

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