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I have to put the question here because once you hear/read it you will realize that the ramifications encompass everything from war to the price of trinkets.

As we all know and should be aware, The Federal Reserve's bank charter is coming up for renewal. The authorization for the Fed's banking charter was passed by congress and signed by the prez. during Christmas break in 1912 but the Fed did not go operational until July of 1913 (i think). At any rate, it is a 100 year charter and either this year or next the Fed will have to have it's banking charter renewed to continue it's operations.

  • Have you seen or heard any reporting about this charter renewal or the renewal process?
  • How big of a sh**storm should we expect as the renewal date gets closer?
  • Is all the talk regarding a new currency system in any way related to an acceptance or refusal of renewing the Fed's banking charter?
  • If the Fed does not get it's charter renewed, how long would the transition period be? And in what shape and form would it take? What would be the basis for a new system? And how would the old be reconciled with the old?
  • What is/will be the US Treasury's role in this process?
  • What would be the role of the IRS?
  • Could what's going on in Asia, MENA, Europe, The UK, and the US, militarily, monitarily, and politically be related to the renewal of the Fed's banking charter?
  • Do we, through our representatives in the senate and congress have any input whatsoever in the renewal process? And if not, why not?

Just a few questions about a very important topic which I have seen or heard absolutely nothing from anyone anywhere. And most assuredly a topic which will determine the course of the world for the next generation. Or two, or three, maybe four or more.

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