The Kochs vs. Soros: Who is Worse?

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The Kochs vs. Soros: Who is Worse?

Which rich "conspiracy" political funding machines do you think are worse, the Koch Brothers or George Soros?

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The Koch brothers didn't

The Koch brothers didn't break the Bank of England and profit by $1.1B, but Soros did.

The list is so long I didn't want to take the time to count them all, but here are the organizations he finances.  Knowing the history and goals of some of the organizations, they seem fairly progressive in their agendas.

All I've read about the Koch brothers is that they've given money to various political candidates on the conservative/libertarian side, and support capitalism...and I think I read somewhere one of them has supported the Boy Scouts.  (Oh, those evil bastards!) If I remember correctly the Koch brothers father started out by refining oil...I guess someone with a green agenda might consider that evil, but I think it's sorta nice to be able to hop on a plane and go somewhere, or drive 35 miles to visit my grandkids.  :-)

I should do some searching, but it's late, so I'm just relying on memory for now.

Anyone with as much wealth as those men have are always going to give some of it away, whether it's for altruistic or other reasons.  The left will go after the Koch brothers because the left always has to have an enemy to vilify.  Anyone remember the Koch brothers being so irksome to the left during the last election cycle?


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