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White House Insider / Wall Street Insider

There is this guy who calls himself "Ulsterman" who regularly provides reports from two "Deep Throats" who are working to stop Obama. The two anonymous sources are:

White House Insider aka WHI - The original source, who claims to be a Democrat and party insider who has become horrified at the corruption of the Obama regime. He tends to get very animated and swear a lot sometimes. After some time talking to Ulsterman, WHI introduced Ulsterman to the second "mole"...

Wall Street Insider aka WSI - WSI is a rich, old Jewish power monger on Wall Street who has become increasingly concerned over Obama's policies. (I bring up his being Jewish because one of his concerns is Obama's anti-Israel mindset). He claims to be working behind the scenes to stop Obama's re-election.

So when Ulsterman first started reporting White House Insider interviews, a lot of people thought he might have been making it up. But he's actually predicted quite a few things before they've happened, and due to this track record, he's gotten a bit of a cult following.

I'm still on the fence as to whether these guys are real or not, but regardless, the interviews are always really good - like, edge of your seat good. If this stuff is made up, it'd make a great novel.

You'll find the reports at: https://theulstermanreport.com

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