Currency Failure

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Currency Failure

During the bronze age, divisions in society where sharpened around the idea that status and wealth, could be gained through the exchange of the metal. The insatiable appetite for bronze, all across Britain and Europe, went way beyond practical needs. But now the very metal that gave some people financial opportunity and social mobility was spinning out of control.

Around 1000 BC the bronze axe became a kind of proto currency. Wealth divorced from it's practical use as a metal. Like the economic bubbles that we see today, this spelled danger, because a change in attitude towards bronze, would have far reaching consequences, not just for the bronze age elite, but for all society.

That attitude change came in the form of iron and the start of the iron age. In 750 BC with the advent of iron on the heals of sudden climate change, together with the collapse of the bronze economy, drove the society into a period of social turmoil. A crisis that would totally reshape British society.

Sound familiar? History may not repeat, but it rhymes enough to raise the hair on your neck! If we do not learn the lessons that the past can teach us, we will pay a terrible price for relearning those lessons once it is too late.

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