Aliens & UFO's

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Aliens & UFO's

Today I saw someone posted the THRIVE documentary trailer - and as I watch it I saw that it mentioned UFO's.

This is President Reagan on UFO's at the UN.  BEWARE of the UFO propaganda.

Everything else may be true in the THRIVE documentary - about the FED, the money printing, etc...but watch for the 10% bullshit that really matters.

The UFO's are there to pose as an enemy to human-kind where we'll then all come together and unify for the UN's one world government.  UFO = HOAX

If you believe in UFO's I think you watch too much television...but I could be wrong - let's discuss.

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That was me posted the Thrive

That was me posted the Thrive trailer the other day. Thanks for starting a thread about this. You've hit on one of my doubts too. That word 'aliens' set alarm bells ringing for me too. And the parts about torus energy and crop circles etc.

I have read quite a lot of information in which it has been discussed how the New World Order / Global dictatorship  wants to use aliens as part of their strategy for implementing global control. I believe there are two distinct methods they may try.

1) An alien threat like the kind Ronald Reagan described which would unite us against the common threat

2) An alien messiah type figure who come to earth to save us.

The thing in common with both scenarios is that there really is no alien.

There is speculation that advanced technology has been withheld from our knowledge which could be used to support the illusion. eg They have been able to make real flying saucers, cia have methods for projecting thoughts into someones head without them knowing it didn't originate from their own mind. Projecting images in the sky (like the father lion in the Lion King).

Another thing that gets me suspicious is Dr Greer who is prominent in the UFO movement, is that both he seems to move in elite circles rather a lot of his time. Maybe he's complicit, or maybe being used? Similar thing can be said of the guy behind Thrive who also has an elite background, although in his case his motives seem genuine to me.

Having said all of that though, just because some evil people may want to do this dastardly scheme doesn't mean real aliens do not exist. It also does not mean real aliens who may be watching us may really intervene at a potentially disastrous time for humanity such as this.

Stay on your guard, keep your energy grounded, trust your own instincts.

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